Street Urchin


Real name: Elsy Zephyr
Alias: Urchin
Age: about 14 years
Race: Elf
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 50.5kg
Gender: Female
Loyalty: 6
Connections: 3

This young elfin girl has no known or recorded identity prior to her adoption. If she has had a name before, she has never told it to her mentor, and now father, Cole Zephyr aka The Bull. Cole adopted Elsy only about a month after coming under the services of Peter Hermann. Elsy has a talent for getting basic information through her wide network of Streetlings. Her resources are unconventional and shaky at best, but they obtain some very useful information from time to time.

Cole and Elsy, at the time only known as Urchin, met during a fateful encounter on one of Cole’s rest days before he was to be transferred into the shadow troopers. Elsy had been sneaking around the base for quite sometime, and though she thought she went by undetected, she soon discovered that few things slip past the Bull’s trained eye. As she began to take food from the mess hall, the Bull silently crept up behind her. She turned around to find two very large legs, covered by military camo, blocking her way. She would have screamed at the sight of the brutish soldier had this been any other circumstance, the last thing she wanted was to draw even more attention to herself. She then begged and pleaded Cole not to turn her in, offering everything from pocket change to sexual favors. Cole laughed at her ridiculous offer, very much to her surprise. Cole gave her a scolding, and instructed her to eat up quickly. Suddenly, noise came from outside the door. Elsy panicked, but Cole calmly picked her up and put her inside a ventilation shaft. Cole then shoved his face into the fridge as if he was looking for more food. When the other soldiers came in demanding what happened to the food, Cole took the blame stating that he was hungry.

From then on, Cole and Elsy made an agreement that whenever Cole was state-side, the two would meet at the statue in Cole’s favorite park. On these days, Cole would play soccer with her, listen to music with her, and teach her how to “spy.” She was completely fascinated by the idea of getting into places she should not be without anyone ever even knowing she was there. She used Cole’s teachings to form a wide network of “spies,” all of whom were under the age of sixteen, called Streetlings. While she is not always a reliable source, her heart is in the right place. She wouldn’t blatantly lie to “Big C,” the Streetling name for The Bull, or provide information about him to other people. So when the Bull has an excuse to obtain simple information he goes to the Streetlings. When Alyssa asked Cole why he even bothered with getting information from “Urchin,” Cole said it was a way to keep her busy, away from the drugs, violence, and crime that he himself had grown up with.

Elsy sees Cole as a father figure and mentor. She respects Cole’s authority. Her ultimate goal in life is to become a “super spy” just like Cole. While she has yet to grasp the full nature of Cole’s work, she understands a great deal more than what Cole has told her. Cole enjoys that she looks up to him with respect. She is one of the few people Cole has allowed to see his typically soft and gentle nature that sharply contrasts his enormous size and brutish appearance. Cole made his role as her father figure official by adopting the then nameless Urchin naming her Elsy.

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