Watcher/Johnny Chow

The Weapons Specialist


B: 4
A: 9
R: 4
S: 2
W: 4
L: 3
I: 4
C: 5
E: 5
Ess: 5.3

Firearms SG: 5
Archery: 4
Blades: 4
Gymnastics: 6
Unarmed Combat: 5
Heavy Weapons: 5
Leadership: 6
Armorer: 3
First Aid: 3
Professional Knowledge: 6
Street Knowledge: 4
English: N
Serethiel: 4

Exceptional Attribute (Agility)
Code of Honor (HMHVV)

Heavy Crossbow (Dam 10P, Acc 5, AP -3)
Light Pistol (Dam 6P, Acc 6(8), SA)
Heavy Pistol (Dam 8P, Acc 5(7), AP -1, SA)
Machine Pistol (Dam 7P, Acc 5(7), SA/BF, RC 2)
Sub-Machine Gun (Dam 8P, Acc 6, SA/BF/FA, RC 1(2))
Assault Rifle (Dam 11P, Acc 5(7), AP -2, SA/BF/FA, RC 2)
Grenade Launcher (Dam 18P, Acc 4(6), AP + 5, SS, Blast -1/m)
Sniper Rifle (Dam 13P, Acc 7, AP -4, SA, RC (1))
Shotgun (Dam 13P, Acc 7, AP -1, SA/BF)
Rocket Launcher (Dam 23P, Acc 5, AP + 5, SA, Blast -1/m)
Katana (Dam (STR + 3)P, Acc 7, AP -3, Reach 1)

Cybereyes (2)
Muscle Toner (2)

Armor Jacket (12)


Johnny was raised with his cousin Soo in his aunt’s brothel. Living among the shadier elements of society, Johnny quickly learned what life was like for those who couldn’t buy their way to the top. The son of a poor Irish sarariman and his Vietnamese mistress, Chow always resented his family’s history. He bought his first gun when he was eight for self-defense, and honed his aim by scaring off unwelcome guests. The brothel and its Madame had made a big name in the city, and people knew there was big money inside. (The reason it was so popular is for two reasons alone: the merchandise, and the theming. The girls were always young and pliant as the older ones were constantly being traded off. The name of the place was Century of Love, and it was beloved for its accurate representations of 20th century life.)

These frequent callers became more and more violent, forcing Johnny to upgrade his arsenal substantially. When he was fifteen, Johnny had amassed a small collection of firearms, ranging from pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, sub-machine guns, and even a rocket launcher. Once he got that last item, the thieves grew more scarce. Johnny moved out when he was nineteen, looking to make a name for himself in the shadowrunning business. To his surprise, he found he was already something of a local legend. Those who survived his retaliations referred to him as ‘The Watcher’, as he was always the one who took the night watch at the brothel, and thus the one most likely to see action. He now refers to himself by this, having earned the title through years of hard work and sleepless nights.

Watcher/Johnny Chow

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