The Bull/Cole Zephyr

The Brains, The Brawn, The Whole Package...Who ever said good things come in small packages!


Real name: Cole Zephyr
Alias: The Bull
Age: 25 years
Race: Minotaur
Height: 3.0m
Weight: 237.5 kg
Gender: Male

Attributes Level
Body 8
Agility 5
Reaction 2
Strength 11
Willpower 3
Logic 3
Intuition 4
Charisma 2
Various Level
Edge 6
Magic 0
Essence 5.8.
Skills Level
Intimidation 4
Etiquette 2
Perception 3
Firearms SG 2
Blades 5
Gunnery 5
Heavy Weapons 4
Unarmed Combat 5

Cole Zephyr, a.k.a. The Bull, is a 25-year-old Minotaur part of the second goblinization. Raised by his elfish mother, Claire Zephyr, and his orcish father, Hale Zephyr, Cole led a happy life, completely unaware of his father’s high-ranking position in an orcish gang. That is, he didn’t know until, at the age of twelve, Cole’s peaceful life was destroyed when a gang of addicts kidnapped him and his mother. Cole was caged and forced to bare witness to the beating and brutal rape of his mother. The captors, elves, were angered by Hale’s decision to raise his drug prices and the fact that he dared to touch one of “their” women. Hale immediately took a troop of his gang and stormed the captors’ warehouse. As Hale swooped into the room, the elves cut off Claire’s head with a sword and set the warehouse ablaze. Forced to choose between his son and revenge, Hale rescued his son using the very sword that had been thrust through Claire’s throat.

Forced to raise his son on his own, Hale had to introduce Cole to the gang, from whom Hale had been hiding Cole in fear of what his higher-ups may do to Cole or him in fear of his son’s strength. To Hale’s surprise, the gang accepted Cole with open arms. During the next seven years of his life, Cole learned to fight like an orc and became the mascot of the gang. Fellow members called him El Toro, and later just the Bull, creating Cole’s alias that he still uses to date.

After a series of events that allowed the Bull to quit the gang life and put his best friend, Xenon Reno, in as leader of the gang, Cole joined the Confederate army to fight against injustice and suppression. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a high-ranking shadow trooper in less than a year. On the day of his promotion, he met a strange young girl only known as the Urchin. After the strange encounter, Cole was set to be taught by a highly trained officer,Alyssa Hone, an ace sniper known as Bullseye. He and his new partner were deployed in many highly dangerous shadow operations.

Emotionally, Alyssa and Cole really hit it off. Cole fell in love, a feeling that Cole had feared since the demise of his mother. As the emotional connection between the two blossomed into an intimate relationship, Cole grew evermore paranoid that something would happen to Alyssa. He told her that he needed time and space to make things better in his life and the world around them. To his amazement, Alyssa agreed. On that day, they agreed that sometime in the near future they would settle down together to raise a family, but only when the time was right and Cole could ensure their safety.

Despite his loyalty to the Confederate army, the Bull became more frustrated that they didn’t take an open stand against corporate tyranny. After four years of service to the Confederacy, Cole was honorably discharged after heroically freeing his fellow Confederates from a POW camp with the help of his good friend Harold Potts. Potts and Zephyr were assigned to take down an international terrorist whose name has been redacted from this report on the accounts of nation security. Details of the mission are also under restriction, and the military’s only comment is that the mission is highly classified.

After about a month’s time being home, Cole prevented the death of an elf named Peter Hermann by pushing him away from what Cole believed to be a giant gas explosion (in reality this explosion was actually caused by the Mystery’s botched run) during one of his daily runs. In doing so, Cole lost his eyesight. Hermann wanted to repay the man who just saved his life and paid for the cybereyes that restored Cole’s vision. Feeling indebted to Hermann, Cole offered him his services as a bodyguard for free, yet the Mystery insisted that the Bull is paid an equal share of the “prize” money. Little did Cole know he was about to join the ranks of the shadowrunners…

The Bull/Cole Zephyr

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