Peter Hermann/The Mystery

Elven decker with noble background

Attributes Level
Body 2
Agility 4
Reaction 3
Strength 2
Willpower 4
Logic 6
Intuition 4
Charisma 5
Skills Level
Firearms SG 5
Cyber Combat 6
Hacking 6
E-Warfare 6
Computer 3
Hardware 3
Software 3
Etiquette 2
Leadership 3
Negotiation 3
Clubs 1
Pilot Ground Vehicle 3
Industrial Engineering 2
Automobile Engineering 2
Gunnery 2

Peter Hermann has his roots in the Duchy of Pomorya in the Allied German States, member of House Hermann, a noble family from Sabnitz. His elven family has long been a clan of magicians, except for Peter. Peter had a distaste for the obsession with the environment that his fellow elven companions did, and was always intrigued by the Matrix and the cyberworld. A few years prior to the modern day, he left his family after his father’s death, determined to make his own life and to live his life how he desired to. He took his portion of the family inheritance, purchased a cyberdeck, and never looked back. Several years in the world of shadowrunning has hardened Peter, and he desires to one day become a high ranking member of the underground world, ruling from the shadows.

However, the world of shadowrunning did not come as easily to Peter as he first expected, as he often traveled alone was injured on many occasions. During one particularly dangerous operation, where he was to steal weapons schematics from a large factory, he messed up the operation, and was forced to jump out of a several-story high window to escape the explosion of the factory. He would have died if the Bull, who was walking down the street at the time, hadn’t pulled him away from the explosion. Peter realized he was indebted to the Bull for saving his life, and after finding out that the Bull’s eyes had been severely damaged by saving him, he paid for the Bull to have cyber eyes placed in. The Bull offered his services to Peter for free, but Peter refused to take his help for free, and instead hired him as his bodyguard, awarding him an equal share of the payments they receive during shadowruns.

Peter Hermann/The Mystery

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