Alyssa Hone/Bullseye

"Be it gnome, elf, human, or dragon, a bullet to the head will stop anything."~Alyssa Hone


Real name: Alyssa Hone
Alias: Bullseye
Age: 25 years
Race: Human
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 65.7kg
Gender: Female
Loyalty: 6
Connections: 3


Born to a family of considerable wealth and power, Alyssa Hone lived a life of adventure. As a child, she explored the labyrinth of catacombs beneath the city. It was during one of these excursions, when Alyssa first encountered Cole Zephyr. She had gotten lost in the some of the old subway access tunnels when she encountered the large beast named Cole. He seemed to be the same age as her; he was about 13 years old. Alyssa, absolutely terrified, tried to escape. But as she turned around, two burly orcs, much older than Cole, picked her up and began threatening her and telling her that they would feed her to the Minotaur. To Alyssa’s surprise and great relief, it was Cole who demanded that she was released. When the orcs refused, Cole ripped Alyssa out of their grasp and put her out of harm’s way. A fight broke out in which Cole tossed around the two giant orcs like they were pillows. Cole easily overpowered the brutes and forced them to give up. Without a word, Cole then escorted her out of the maze and disappeared back into the sewers, leaving Alyssa clueless as to what had just transpired.

This event had some strange effects on Alyssa’s life. For on thing, she had stopped sneaking into places she shouldn’t. Instead, Alyssa took interest in self-defense. In just five short years, Alyssa mastered multiple forms of martial arts including ninjutsu, kung fu, and aikido. She also took an interest in learning how to wield and use a gun. So when she found her father’s rifle, she began to teach herself how to shoot. Her father, taking note of his daughter’s natural talents and strange passions, bought her a long barreled sniper rifle for her sixteenth birthday. The sniper rifle would have been very difficult for Mr. Hone to get his hands on, had he not been the owner of a very powerful weapons development company. Alyssa grew very fond of it and spent hours honing her skills. As she grew up, her father made adjustment to the rifle that made it larger, stronger, lighter, more accurate, and just better. By her 18 th birthday, she and her rifle were ready to join the Confederate army.

In an effort to help his daughter reach her goal of decorated combatant, Mr. Hone had pulled a few strings to have his daughter promoted to the ranks of the elite shadow troopers. Once in the shadow troopers, Alyssa fought her way to one of the top ranking officers in the “boys’ club.” Alyssa’s first assignment as an officer was to instruct a special new recruit by the name of Cole Zephyr. At first, Alyssa was furious. She wasn’t about to wipe the ass of any newbie recruit; she was a qualified specialist, not a babysitter. When she found out her new recruit was a Minotaur, her mindset changed entirely, especially once she figured out that Cole was the same man who saved her nearly seven years ago.

After about three months of training, the two became an inseparable pair. The two were deployed on some of the most crucial missions; they were unstoppable. There was a catch, though. Being reunited with her childhood knight-in-shining-armor caused Alyssa to develop strong feelings for Cole. The two fell madly in love. Due to Alyssa’s titanium bone coating, which made her much sturdier than what should be physically possible, the pair was able to have an intimate relationship without Cole’s immense strength snapping her in two. Alyssa soon realized that their relationship could cost her her career which she had worked so hard for, and she needed to make a decision between abandoning her career to raise a family with the man she loved or to end her relationship and continue on with her dream. So when Cole confronted her to inform her that he needed time before he could continue on with their relationship, Alyssa was relieved and agreed to put their relationship on hiatus until the time was right. Cole soon left the army after that conversation and Alyssa accepted a new position at a desk job for the army. Alyssa still likes getting out in the field so when the Bull needs an extra gun, she provides ten.

Alyssa Hone/Bullseye

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