Run or Serve

Loose Ends

Tying them up...

The group visited the warehouse to check up on the machine. Waver fast-talked his way past the police guards and saw that they were already dismantling it. He told them to send the pieces to Jerry, and instructed him to split up the pieces in several dumps. Later, on the way to kill Sumayya Ali, each member of the team received a message titles “Watch this. Now.” from an anonymous sender. The video enclosed showed Fuji and Ordo’s execution, with the words ‘This is for Bug City’. Purple light rose from their bodies and shot off-screen. Upon arrival at Ali’s apartment, the runners took out their anger on her by cutting off her head and blowing it to pieces. Hermann traced the message to an address, but nothing more specific than that could be found.

Two weeks later, FastJack contacted the Mystery. Data about weapons research is being deleted from the Matrix, and the decker has upgraded the whole team’s commlinks to decks (temporarily). Waver took the initiative and called Shiawase and Saeder-Krupp to talk about it. Jerry told him about Building 7C, the radiation testing building, where money is being poured in with little to no benefit being seen. Shiawase also told him about money going into Matrix research with no visible benefit. Infiltrating 7C, Waver found a ton of dirty bombs, and a large basement. He is puzzled as to the purpose, and how all of this fits together. And purple light has enveloped every member of the team, absorbed by their bodies.



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