Run or Serve

Gathering the Team


Waver was contacted by an academic Mr. Johnson to assemble a small team of capable Shadowrunners. The target was a Second World tomb, the location only recently discovered. Several dossiers were given to the mage, who quickly set about finding the people listed inside. First, he visited a large mansion and attempted to speak with the Bull, who opted to instead put a hole in his own door rather than speak. Waver then visited New York City, one of the smaller sprawls, to meet with the Danger and Fujimora. They were in the process of wiring a warehouse with explosives, and the pair quickly disposed of the police team that arrived to apprehend them. The three then drove to Texas to free Bellatrix Nox from the State Prison. Fujimora also killed the head secretary in the process, though Waver brought the prison door back to Seattle in order to replace the Bull’s. The Bull was much more willing to talk with a full team of experienced Runners at his (new) door, so he and the Mystery agreed to come along as well.



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