Run or Serve


Setting out on their own to calm down the raging beast, Waver, Watcher, and the Bull were stopped on a street corner by a shady Johnson. He offered 8000 nuyen up front to exterminate a local community of ghouls. Passing through a border crossing, Waver gave his SIN and license and was allowed through to Tir Tairngire. Upon arrival at the community, they found the neighboring human village had been put to the torch. Questioning the elder ghoul proved worthless, so Waver tracked a slight astral signature from the starting point of the blaze and traced it back to a single astrally-active ghoul. The ghoul roughed him up and got him to spit out a stuttering confession. While Waver and the Bull debated over the correct way to dispose of the criminal, Watcher lost patience with the situation and shot the ghoul in the head. They delivered the body to the elder ghoul, who thanked them and directed them towards the quickest way back to Seattle.

Johnny and Margaret
And deliver us from evil...

Having brought the OZ back to a disappointed Mr. Johnson (he was expecting some sort of golden jewelry), the runners earned a week off. Another Johnson contacted them soon after, however, impressed by their effectiveness as a team. He sent them to save his son, Johnny Junior, from the bad influences he was associating with. The runners checked out the club he frequented, and saw a long line of waiting people. Flashing wealth at the bouncer, Ryder, Watcher, and Peter managed to get inside unmolested while Waver snuck in invisibly. The whole club was filled with booze, and everyone was packing. Carefully, Peter and Watcher made their way over to a large curtain and snuck through while Ryder chatted up the locals. Behind the curtain was a strip club, and Johnny’s friends were seated in a shadowy corner, causing a bit of a ruckus. Ryder and Waver passed through the curtain to join the group, and Ryder and Watcher began to attempt to seduce the group. Johnny was pointed out, and the runners made a mental note not to kill him. Securing a location at a nearby hotel, Waver, Peter, and the Bull set about trapping it for the group. Driving over, Ryder separated Johnny from the group while Watcher led the others to a private room. After subtly disarming them, Watcher knocked out the girl in time for the Bull to rip the heads off the other two guys. Meanwhile, Ryder had Johnny in a compromising position while the Mystery disabled his gun. He offered novacoke as ransom, and was carted off to his father.

After three weeks off, the runners were contacted by a distraught father. He had been sent a distress signal from his daughter, Margaret, wherein she told him part of the address of her location. 717 Evergreen… either Way or Terrace, both were valid addresses. The runners went to both locations and found a penthouse apartment belonging to a celebrity mage named Sumayya Ali at the former, and a warehouse belonging to Saeder-Krupp at the latter. Ryder broke a window at the warehouse before escaping, putting the guards at high alert. At the penthouse, Peter was invited up to Ali’s room to entertain her and her friend. While they were busy, the Bull went to look for a box he had heard was shipped up there a few days ago. He couldn’t find it, and called the other team in for help. Ryder and Waver helped distract the girls while Waver helped the Bull search. The eventually found a crate full of psyche, a powerful magic-enhancing stimulant, hidden in Ali’s study. Convinced by now that Margaret isn’t there, the team returned to the warehouse. Watcher set up a sniping position while Peter stayed in the car. Two guards were posted outside the door, and one of them was sniped. The Bull charged the other one, roaring as he did so. The doors burst open, and eight more guards streamed out into a combat formation. One walked up to the Bull and pushed a long claw through his face as the rest of the guards opened fire on him. Watcher immediately sniped the freak, saving the Bull from another hit. The Bull hefted his machine gun and wasted the rest of the unit in one sweep. However, this hail of bullets not only devastated the guards but also the crates inside. With lethal force, the Bull accidentally toppled a large tower of said crates, and it was discovered that each crate had a small girl inside. The total death count neared 300. Entering the warehouse, the rest of the group cleared the rest of the crates of their contents. Near the back of the warehouse, they found a large machine. The crates closer to the machine were filled with psyche, and Hermann surmised with Waver’s help that the machine transferred the astral auras of the children into psyche. The group is enraged.

Dungeon Crawl
The OZ

The runners negotiated their payment from the Johnson and received the coordinates of the Second World tomb. They departed quickly to avoid Fuji’s prejudiced actions, and drove to the state of New York. Once there, they found a large cave opening. A man stood in front and identified himself as ‘Watcher’. He claimed to be from Shiawase, sent by the Johnson to help the runners. The runners accepted him and entered the cave. A long hallway, pockmarked with dangerous holes, greeted them. At the end of the hall, a small door led to the right and a crack in the wall to the left. The crack disintegrated whatever was placed in it, and the door led to another door. That final door opened into a room of four more doors, each one slightly different. The handles were electric, hot, cold, and diseased. The ‘diseased’ door led to long hallway leading up. A spirit was sent up, then a skull, then finally Ordo and Carlos went up while Peter held a tether. All, to the casual observer, appeared to flatten out and stop moving. By their perceptions, they found themselves in a white expanse with a statue and painting of an angel. The ‘hot’ door contained a small iron box which once had a golden artifact within. The ‘cold’ door led to another door and oasis, the pool being infested by some sort of tentacular horror. However, he was saved by Waver’s foray into the ‘electric’ room. The room had three identical chests. When the middle chest was opened, Carlos and Ordo appeared. The leftmost chest contained Fuji, a severed black tentacle, and several cubic meters of water. The final chest was full of emeralds, all real. This final room led to a large cavern of rough hewn stone, the back wall being covered in what looked like circuitry. Waver determined that it was not new, but actually created millennia ago. Through the small corridor, a devil rat greeted the runners. Carlos’s cat spirit tried to kill it, but Fuji and Watcher killed it before it could act. The rat was guarding a large door, locked for ages. After Ryder picked the lock, the runners could see the artifact they had come to obtain. A large sword laid on a bier, with the inscription of OZ within the hilt. When Carlos picked it up, the sword glowed blue and he felt ancient magical energy flow through his body. Water began to flood into the room, causing the team to rush out of the small dungeon.

Gathering the Team

Waver was contacted by an academic Mr. Johnson to assemble a small team of capable Shadowrunners. The target was a Second World tomb, the location only recently discovered. Several dossiers were given to the mage, who quickly set about finding the people listed inside. First, he visited a large mansion and attempted to speak with the Bull, who opted to instead put a hole in his own door rather than speak. Waver then visited New York City, one of the smaller sprawls, to meet with the Danger and Fujimora. They were in the process of wiring a warehouse with explosives, and the pair quickly disposed of the police team that arrived to apprehend them. The three then drove to Texas to free Bellatrix Nox from the State Prison. Fujimora also killed the head secretary in the process, though Waver brought the prison door back to Seattle in order to replace the Bull’s. The Bull was much more willing to talk with a full team of experienced Runners at his (new) door, so he and the Mystery agreed to come along as well.

The World has Moved On...
Four worlds have passed

After a small team of heroes failed in their fight against Acererak, the Second World ended. The archlich completed his quest and collected the divine power of the gods he slew. His form became that of a god, and he ruled over the world for thousands of years. With the Pantheon dead and no one to oppose him, Acererak grew lazy as the millennia turned by. He failed to notice the shattered body of Amoth, healing itself bit by bit, fueled by anger and a thirst for justice. Amoth rose from the depths of the Pit and slew the God-Emperor Acererak with his ancestral spear, but the battle took its toll on Amoth as well. The Third World ended when Amoth took his last breath. The Fourth World was marked by the exodus of magic, and the magical races soon followed. Without the powers of the gods, clerics lost all power, and magic became feared and hated by the humans who were left behind. The Fifth World was utterly devoid of magic, and the denizens of this fetid time were forced to rely on mechanical and industrial prowess to survive. Machines supplanted the forces of magic until 2011 AD, when the Sixth World began. Dragons returned, elves and dwarves were born, and people found they could harness the power of magic. 64 years later, the Sixth World has changed the course of history forever. Only scholars know of worlds before the Fifth, but a select few… specialists, most of them… know of the times when mages and dragons were everyday occurrences, when enchanted swords were more than the stuff of legend, and when all of this wonder existed in a world unmarred by pollution and corporate greed. These dreamers are the most dangerous people of all.


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