Waver "Wraith" Grey

Elven magician who falls back on firearms and some stealth


Attributes, Skills, and Qualities
Body – 2/6
Agility – 3/7
Reaction – 3/6
Strength – 1/6
Willpower – 5/6
Logic – 6/6
Intuition – 4/6
Charisma – 7/8
Magic – 7/7

Firearms SG – 2
Spellcasting – 5
Artificing – 3
Rit. Spellcasting – 2
Counterspelling: – 5
Alchemy – 2
Disenchanting – 1
Binding – 2
Summoning – 3
Arcana – 3
Assensing – 1
Astral combat – 2
Banishing: 1
Etiquette – 2
Pilot Ground Craft – 2
Palming – 2
Infiltration – 1
Perception – 1

Knowledge Skills:
English: N
Japanese: 1
Sperethiel: 2
Cityspeak: 2

Parabotany (Toxins)
Parazoology (Dracoforms)
Disease (HMHVV)
Magic Theory, no spec
Literature(fiction) – 2

Landmarks (vistas)

Vendors (Spell (Illusion)(Manipulation))

Exceptional Attribute: Magic
Focused Concentration – 1
Mild Allergy: Sunlight

Stunbolt – Type M, Range LOS, Damage S, Duration I, Drain F-3
Powerbolt – Type P, Range LOS, Damage P, Duration I, Drain F-3
Flamethrower – Type P, Range LOS, Damage P, Duration I, Drain F-3
Acid Stream – Type P, Range LOS, Damage P, Duration I, Drain F-3
Fireball – Type P, Range LOS, Damage P, Duration I, Drain F-1

Clairaudience – Type M, Range T, Duration S, Drain F-3
Mind Probe – Type M, Range T, Duration S, Drain F
Detect Enemies – Type M, Range T, Duration S, Drain F-2
Analyze Truth – Type M, Range T, Duration S, Drain F-2

Heal – Type M, Range T, Duration P, Drain F-4
Stabilize – Type M, Range T, Duration P, Drain F-4

Invisibilty – Type M, Range LOS, Duration S, Drain F-2

Levitate – Type P, Range LOS, Duration S, Drain F-2
Physical Barrier – Type P, Range LOS, Duration S, Drain F-1

Things I have
Karma: 2
Nuyen: 330
Defiance Taser (Accuracy 4, 9S Damage)
20 darts
Colt Light Pistol (7 Accuracy, 7P Damage)
100 bullets
Commlink (Rating 3)
Reagents (10 drams)
PJSS Shotgun (6 Accuracy, 11P Damage, -1 Armor Penetration, 1 Recoil Compensation when smartlinked)
100 shells/slugs/whatever ammo it is

Home: 1 month rent of Low Class


Physical description:
19 years old, 5’11", dark brown hair that goes down to a few inches above his shoulders, slim build, light blue eyes

Back story:
As a child, Waver’s family lived in the slums of Seattle
Waver lived with his brother (a year older than him), his father and his mother (all of whom are human and as yet nameless besides their surname of Grey)
Waver was adopted as a baby after his parents were killed over drugs.
Waver being an elf, only his mother really wanted to adopt him, while his (adoptive) father had always been angry and abusive due to his deep prejudice of all the non-human metahumans.

Waver kept to himself mostly, studying in the library, except for when he was confronted in school by the tougher kids, looking to take whatever they could get from kids like waver. Because of this, Waver learned to talk his way out of bad situations, or avoid them altogether, as he stood no chance in a fist-fight (or, too often, a knife or gun fight) with his physically superior classmates.

Waver was good friends with his brother who spent most of his time on the matrix, making money through illicit decking because his parents couldn’t keep their lives afloat, his dad wasting much of their money buying and upgrading his motorcycle. This wasn’t all bad, as he let his kids ride on it despite not being old enough to drive (Not that anyone cared in the slums). Despite his brother’s aptitude, Waver never got into computers. He used them casually, and wasn’t a technophobe, but his knowledge was limited to the basics.

Waver eventually began to exhibit a talent for magic, worsening his magic-hating father’s disposition and turning him to alcohol. Around when Waver was 16, his father, coming home late at night in a drunken rage. Waver’s dad, drunken and angry, stormed up to his and his wife’s bedroom, waking the whole house his loud footsteps. Being a large, powerful man, his father easily pulled and shoved his mom into the hallway, knocking her too the floor, shouting about how he had finally realized the (not actually true) truth: that she had cheated on him with the elves, and that’s why she wanted to take Waver, a magic wielding elf, into their family. His father often had fits such as these, but this time was worse. His father pulled a gun from his coat, waving it at his mom. At this point, Waver and his brother came out from their room, from where they had been watching until now, hoping it would be over soon, however, they realized they could not wait any longer. Waver’s brother jumped at his father’s hand, trying to get the gun from him. In reaction, his father pulled the trigger, sending a bullet clear through his mother’s left forehead. However, after the shot was fired, waver’s brother did succeed in forcing his father to drop the gun.

Unfortunately, Waver’s father was still far stronger than his brother, and quickly began choking his brother. Waver tried to jump on his father, but his father kicked him in the gut, sending him sprawling to the floor. Soon, his brother’s agonized gasps quieted, and his father turned on Waver. Waver, coming to his senses, grabbed the gun on the floor and scrambled backwards until he hit a wall. As his father charged at him, Waver fired a shot and rolled out of the way. His father died before he had a chance to fall over.

His entire family having suddenly just died, Waver took the gun, his father’s wallet, and the keys to his father’s motorcycle, and rode off into the rest of Seattle. Once far enough from his house for him to calm down, Waver went to sell his gun for money, only having a small bit of nuyen. However, once he out of the shop, someone had made quick work of bypassing the need for a key on the motorcycle and stolen it. Left without anything but the money from selling his gun and his magical talent, he decided to start his career in running the shadows in order to survive on his own.

Waver "Wraith" Grey

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