A powerful assassin often mistaken for a pretty face


Real Name- Seraphina Elliot
Alias- Ryder
Age- 25
Race- Elf
Location- New York, New York


Ryder is descended from a long line of assassins in the secret organization Tempest. She was raised in the life and cannot imagine another way to live. As per the Tempest tradition, Ryder challenged her father, the leader of the organization, to a battle for supremacy when she turned 15. After five years of lethal hide and seek, she finally managed to kill her father and establish herself as the new leader. Though years have passed, she has yet to be defeated and still holds the position of the head of Tempest. As Tempest’s leader, she has a lot of power at her disposal. Her reputation is harsh and dangerous, but since Tempest is a secret organization most people do not know the face that goes along with the name. Ryder often introduces herself as Bellatrix Nox during non-business interactions, or when she meets her potential targets and needs to keep a low profile. Only her parents, now just her mother, know her as Seraphina Elliot. No one knows who her mother is, and Ryder is not about to divulge that information. If anyone found out, they could use that against her. The life of an assassin is not one that allows for personal connections.

Ryder has been trained in every way possible to kill her targets. She is an expert at using any weapon, but her specialty is knives. She carries around at least five weapons at all times, and wears a locket that was gifted to her by her father on her 14th birthday. Inside the locket is a picture of her and her parents, and behind the picture is a secret compartment that she uses to store poison. She is adaptable in her methods of assassination, and always assesses her situation before logically choosing what way to dispose of her targets.

Due to the way she was raised, Ryder is very cynical and views love as a weakness that is easily exploited. She does not participate in relationships, except the occasional one night stand, of course. Ryder keeps her secrets secret, and her emotions hidden. She hates to lose and is very prideful, which can be a problem on missions if she becomes unfocused. She trusts her instincts, and doesn’t let her guard down easily. Ryder is tough and looks after herself before others. She is good at staying under the radar and not being discovered. She isn’t afraid to manipulate others to get what she wants, and she will also seduce them if that is what best suits her interests at the time. She is not entirely without soft spots though- she does have a thing for cats.


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