Llewellyn Kortos

The Red Queen


Kortos was a Spike Baby, born in 2001. She was Awakened when she was ten, and her mother and father supported her special abilities. When she was sixteen, she accidentally burned her house down during a nightmare. The fire killed her parents, and the girl ran away to avoid being put into foster care. Wandering the country, she found herself in Tir Tairngire during its formation. Quickly identified as one of the oldest elves present, she was given a chance to stay. Without another viable option, she accepted. Kortos enrolled in the fledgling military and rose through the ranks faster than her counterparts due to her worldly experiences. By the time she was forty, she had made a significant name for herself in the upper echelon of the brass. Her nightmares continued to plague her, however, and she acted on those vivid visions. She chose several small teams of veterans to undergo special training, and set herself up as the nation’s chief intelligence officer. No one without proper clearance even knows her name. She seems to have a mission, and has poured innumerable resources into weapons research.

Portrayed by Lily.

Llewellyn Kortos

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