Run or Serve

Unfinished Business


After hearing Peter’s tale, the group remarked upon his newly green eyes. Lobon turned his head at this comment, his own eyes green, and said, “Well, I guess that’s my cue.” The dragon dive-bombed and flipped over, dropping the team 4,000 feet in the air and flying away. Waver levitated everyone to safety, and they floated to DeeCee to control the damage. Buy the time they arrived, much of the city was destroyed. Waver astrally perceived to find the people still left alive, and the group helped rescue 290 civilians from the wreckage. At dusk, the runners reconvened on Pennsylvania Avenue to discuss the next course of action when the entire scene shifted. The group was in Hypnos’s amphitheater, and the Bull’s story was explained. The Lord of Dream was also revealed to be Oukranos, as he controlled the ‘stream of unconciousness’ of every sentient being. Leaving the Elder God’s domain, the Bull appeared to be very, very angry. Ryder attempted to comfort the Bull while the rest of the team explored the burbs. They found a car and rigged up a gun-mount, and used it as a way back to Chicago. Waver had remembered something.
Lupinticus greeted the runners in the library, and they privately asked him if he knew why the Unmortals would have attacked the location. The Outer God admitted he didn’t know, but helpfully pointed out that the corps that were bombed were the same ones that donated books. The runners set to work looking through the stacks of donations to try and find anything Lovecraftian. Waver stumbled upon the Necronomicon, a wholly evil book that forced itself into his hands. He began mindlessly chanting something in elderspeak, and the Bull knocked the book from his hands. Not, however, before everyone caught a snatch of what the mage was saying. Ryder realized that all the shadows in the world were watching her, literally, and Waver’s mind was shattered after the experience. His abilities were augmented beyond extremes, though, so the group wasn’t too worried. The Bull took the book and the team left.
They headed to the Tomb of Horrors to check out some unsolved mysteries. The Tomb was exactly as they had left it, sans flooding. They entered, and Peter entered the angel room for the first time. he recognized the feeling… it was a Resonance Realm, a sort of natural outgrowth of the Matrix. The team examined the room of stone circuitry, and Waver noticed they all led to the west wall. They coalesced into a large cylindrical indentation, and Waver postulated that the OZ might fit into the notch. Calling the academic Johnson, Peter determined that the OZ was on display at the American Museum of Natural History. Peter and Ryder staked out the museum during normal hours, and Watcher came by after closing to request a transfer of the magical artifacts. He got not only the OZ, but a dragon-bone wand, a bandolier of high-caliber bullets and an early twentieth century grenade launcher, a pair of small blades, and an icosahedron. These went to the Bull, Waver, Watcher, Ryder, and Peter respectively. Freshly armed, the team headed back to the Tomb. The Bull inserted the OZ, and the indentation transformed into a doorway to a massive room. Inside was a titanic sepulcher, with images of a great war between gods and men inscribed on the sides. Waver also found the words “The King in Yellow sees all” carved in Serethiel. The Bull opened the sepulcher, and saw the huge skeletal body of Acererak. Waver saw it too, and desperately wanted to touch the ruby standing in for the god-emperor’s eye. The Bull prevented him until the mage disenchanted the stone, and levitated the massive gem outside. Peter knew a good jeweler in Boston. Travelling there, the group received 2.5 million nuyen each for the sale. Content in their future, the group returned to Seattle.
On the way in to the city, Ryder noticed that all the lights behind them were out, and this outage was at a constant speed with the runners’ movements. Suddenly, claws wrapped around the car and Lobon dragged the group into the sky. He looked at Peter and ripped his door off, prompting the Bull to put his whole body over the elf to prevent him from falling. Ryder, however, saw that within Peter’s eyes were more eyes, eyes within eyes within eyes within eyes. She screamed and ineffectively shot the dragon. However, her shots made a purple scale fall off his body. The Bull stabbed Lobon with the OZ, and it seemed to burn him. Waver let loose a massively powerful acid stream on the weak spot, and the Bull slashed again. Lobon fell to the ground, dead, and Waver levitated everyone in the car. They watched as the dragon’s body disintegrated into a green light, and that light split. Half of it flew east, and the other half shifted to a purple light and was absorbed by the runners.
Once landing, the Bull confronted Waver. He remembered that his memory had been wiped, and the minotaur challenged the elf. Waver summoned the spirits of the dead girls in response… and they forgave Cole. They surrounded him, hugged him, praised him, and the Bull finally felt a sense of closure. He was still angry, but no longer murderous. He left the group, and Ryder followed. Things were simply getting too weird for her. Waver weighed his options, and resolved to use his newfound wealth for a good purpose. This left Watcher to go back on the campaign trail, and for Peter to return to his battles with S3-ER-V3-3O.



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