Run or Serve

The Outer Gods

Hi, my name's Lupinticus.

The runners go to Chicago and check out the Great Library, newly rebuilt with significant donations from Saeder-Krupp, Shiawase, and Aztechnology. Once there, they warned the receptionist about the oncoming Unmortals. He waved them back to the manager, who revealed himself as Lupinticus. Thoroughly confused with the whole situation, the runners had a lengthy conversation wherein Lupinticus explained that he survived through a plane-shift to the city of Celephais, where he fought the Horrors. He told that Nyarlathotep had come to him and explained that he was Nath-Horthath, an Outer God, and there are seven of these Outer Gods in each age of magic. Lupinticus also confirmed that the runners had met two other Outer Gods. Marcus LeMont was also Karakal, the original elf. Carlos “The Danger” Danger was also Zo-Kalar, the god of life and death. He also confided in Ryder that her mother was the modern incarnation of Nath-Horthath. He had begun to look for Hagarg-Ryonis before the runners told him that Dunkelzahn matched his descriptions. He also couldn’t find Lobon and Oukranos, two Outer Gods that also walk the Earth. When hearing about the Unmortals, he quickly concluded that they were being led by Tamash, an Outer God who can grant immortality to his followers. Their line of questioning was interrupted by a headache on the part of the god, a sign that a few Outer Gods were closing in together. Thanking the Outer God, the runners left for Seattle.

Calling Kortos during a refueling period, they told her everything (including her position as this World’s Nath-Horthath). Unfortunately, she had worse news. The Unmortals were in Seattle, and there were several explosions in the skyline. By the time they landed, Kortos delivered the news that Marcus had the word ‘Innsmouth’ carved into his chest. Also, the regional headquarters for Saeder-Krupp, Aztechnology, and Shiawase were destroyed.

Travelling to the small Massachusetts town of Innsmouth, the Bull successfully landed the chopper in a bout of sudden turbulence. They walked through the forest for a mile until reaching the Matrix-less town. Waver found Carlos’s astral beacon in the town hall, and Ryder picked the large lock on the door. The Bull knocked out the guard in the immediate vicinity, and Waver levitated the whole team down the creaky set of wooden stairs. They saw a dark altar when they landed, with a small semicircle of robed, hooded cultists chanting loudly. Surprising them all, Waver threw a massive fireball. As the ash fell, the runners found themselves thrown against the wall by an unseen force. Walking through a side door, Tamash offered them a chance to join his congregation. At each refusal, he took a few drops of blood and flicked them onto the dark altar. He gave the second prophecy, saying, “Magic, Matrix, all the earth will tremble when they arrive. When he arrives. None will live but those who believe.” As the final drops of blood hit the altar, a large rift opened and strange ethereal words streamed forth. Tamash looked forth in horror, said, “Oh. I see,” and put a bullet in his brain. The force holding the runners disappeared, and the rift closed. The runners absorbed the light that was released by Carlos and Marcus, and returned home to see what they could figure out about this new world of Outer Gods.



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