Run or Serve

New Beginnings

Heroes this World Deserves

The runners treated themselves to a congratulatory wine and dine and the Arcanum. After a few hours of rest and relaxation, however, they all felt an itching behind their eyes. The Bull’s eyes turned solid bright green, Ryder’s turned solid purple, Peter’s turned solid dark green, and Waver’s turned solid sky blue. The gods that they hosted were in control. Istasha teased Nyarlathotep for his cowardice during the fight, and the Deep Resonance brought up the contention of leadership. Not that the king was dead, who would replace him? Nyarlathotep thought it was obvious: him. Or if not him, then Azathoth, the Blind Idiot God and former king. Istasha thought she was fit to wear the crown, however. They finished their meal and wanted to head out and have some fun. She headed to the Great Library, and the rest followed her. She approached Lupinticus about the Necronomicon, and he summarily refused her. That kind of power could not be trusted to the likes of her. Also, they had to leave. People were looking for them, and he couldn’t have them found in his library. Disappointed, they teleported to Las Vegas to find it empty and powerless. The runners regained control of their bodies then, with no knowledge of what had happened. Without a Matrix connection, Ryder used her warp blades to try and get back to the Arcanum. What greeted her was a collection of guns, all pointed at the rift. She closed it.
After wondering what was going on, the runners decided to head to Innsmouth. Ryder warped them there, and they soon discovered several very fresh bodies. The Bull found five SWAT teams in the town, one of them directly above the group’s location. Cole walked into the room this team was scoping out, saw their positions, and closed the door. He saw them line up in formation around the door, and he ripped the wooden plank off its hinges and killed them all with it. That made some noise, so the rest of the group hunkered down in the room as a defensible position. The gods possessed their bodies again a few seconds before the next team turned the corner and saw them. One SWAT member fired a short burst at Istasha, and the bullets crumpled against her skin. She smiled and ran him through with a katana. Nyarlathotep calmed her down and tried to parlay with the rest of the massing SWAT team, and Saeletra flew out of the room into the sky. The SWAT leader stammered something about gods and monsters before his eyes turned white and he said, “That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die”. He collapsed into ash seconds before Saeletra told everyone to duck and cover. She let loose a huge power blast, incinerating the town and everything in it. The runners regained control of their bodies.
The group walked to the edge of town to get a Matrix signal and called Watcher. He said he didn’t know about any of this, and that he would send a private security detail to pick them up. While they were waiting, Nyarlathotep realized that there was another Elder God on earth. That couplet was from the Necronomicon, and that meant someone had access to that damned book and enough authority to control a SWAT team or five. He pieced together the clues and found that it was Xchotl, the being most humans know as the Devil.



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