Run or Serve


Around the World in 80 Days

Istasha was very confused as to why the Bull would waste a perfectly good sword. A door opened up in the space behind her, and Lobon’s head popped through. He seemed to be wearing a yellow cape, and he called her over. They both left, and the door briefly disappeared. It appeared again after a few seconds, and the Bull carefully walked through. Waver followed, and felt something behind him. He turned to see a vaguely attractive elven male. His name was M’Nagalah, and he had been watching Waver for some time. He promised to show the group a way out of the void for fifteen minutes of Waver’s time… so the team gave them some privacy. Some time later, Waver told the group to think about a location they’d like to visit, then pass through the door. It would act as a teleporter. They used this to travel to the Rhode Island School of Design, the last known location of the bas-relief. Exploring the campus, they found the sculptor’s original dorm room. There were a few odd phrases on the wall, but the Bull found a large packet of papers underneath the floorboards. It was made up of excerpts from the Necronomicon, including the phrase “In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming” over and over. While discussing this at length outside, Ryder noticed a large dead tree. Waver dug out the bas-relief from beneath the roots. It held a pictograph of Cthulhu, and that phrase in Elderspeak.
Checking in with Lupinticus at regular intervals, the group checked out every possible advantage they might have against the Great Old Ones. They visited the Tomb of Horrors and found it to be untouched by the blast. Inside was Bast, another cat goddess, keeping watch over the body of Acererak. She claimed that the runners were not the Chosen Ones, only incidentally marked by the greatness of the God-Emperor. She said that the Aurora had chosen Acererak to be its host, but he had atrophied in his sleep. The light had seeked out refuge in the runners’ bodies until he could be awakened. Also, she claimed Nyarlathotep had lied about everything. They absconded before she got any crazier.
Checking why the Necronomicon had ended up in the Great Library in the first place, the team did some digging on Shiawase . They had undergone a severe power shift six years ago, and the new CEO was named Charles Ward. Waver recognized the name as a reference to a Lovecraft novel, so they checked him further. Peter found that his entire background was a lie, fabricated to appear bland and boring. The whole team remembered Nyarlathotep’s about Mr. Smiley. They resolved to meet him. They hopped a ride to Neo-Tokyo and found their way to his office. He reluctantly answered their questions, and challenged them to a game before they could leave. He won, but admired the way they played. Dirty and cheap, just the way he liked it. He let them go with a warning to never come near him again.
Outside, Waver noticed a banner with his name on it. It hailed him as a dragonslayer. Lobon chose this moment to open up a door in front of the team. It was now evident that he was wearing a yellow cloak, and the Bull remembered the inscription on Acererak’s sepulcher. He made the connection that Lobon wasn’t Lobon, he was Hastur. Hastur agreed, and the Bull walloped him in the head with the bas-relief. The Elder God disappeared, absorbed by the tablet. Anyone touching it could still see him however, as Waver found out, so they stuck the tablet in a sack before using the door to get to Seattle. They returned to the Arcanum, unsure of their next move.



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