Run or Serve

Five Years Later...

Time heals all wounds

The Bull raised his family. Elsy moved out and joined the army, and Cole had a son with his wife. They live a comfortable suburban life.

Waver bought the Arcanum, an information hub for shadowrunners in the heart of downtown Seattle. It has a bar, library, Jackpoint hub, several magical lodges, a few fences, and rooms for anyone who needs them. He’s started using his skills to teach newcomers.

Peter has been training himself to fight S3-ER-V3-3O, and has spent his idle time researching the artifacts they uncovered from the museum. Upon hacking into FastJack’s personal commlink for fun, he’s discovered something…

Ryder aborted Lobon’s unborn child. She continued to run Tempest until several moles that rose high in the ranks destroyed the organization from the inside out. She’s now on the run with a few close friends and operatives.

And Watcher won the presidency. Twice. His first act of power was to enact a variant of Stand Your Ground: if anyone sees anything that isn’t a metahuman, they are allowed to empty their magazines into it (and then some). This was simply basic defense against the Horrors that were let loose, and his subsequent demeanor and actions have made him very popular with both the youth of the country and the NRA.



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