Run or Serve


End of the World as We Know It

Following the discovery of Ryder’s impairment, Waver got her out to the rest of the team. Not before she saw twin black pits in Herr Skulltenstein’s eye sockets, though… and everyone had some kind of opinion as to what that might mean. Waver decided to ask Lupinticus for help, but the advice he could give was to run. So far away. The skull was going to explode and open a rift in time and space, as Kaltenstein had seen the world of the Horrors while he was alive. Waver wasted no time in getting the skull out of the Arcanum, and Ryder checked out Goddy to make sure he was safe. Meanwhile, the Bull was snatched by Nyarlathotep. The god had little advice on how to stop the bomb, and simply wanted to see how the Bull was doing. Waver managed to attach the skull to the landing gear of a plane taking off from Seattle Airlines, and Ryder joined the Bull so Nyarlathotep could get a better look. The plane, unfortunately, flew east instead of west. Waver joined the group, and they all asked the god about Saeletra. She is very powerful and not supposed to contact humans. A few minutes later, the skull exploded somewhere over the Great Lakes. Niagara Falls was destroyed, as was most of the surrounding area. Nyarlathotep remarked that this meant the Great Old Ones, a more powerful type of Elder God, were able to walk the Earth. He deposited them in the library and ran.
The team started research on a ‘bas-relief’ Nyarlathotep had mentioned. He had listed it with the OZ as one of the few things capable of stopping an Elder God. Waver found references to it in Lovecraftian lore, but nothing else. It was last seen in Rhode Island over a century ago. Ryder felt something tap her shoulder, but nothing was there. Waver felt the same thing, and then the Bull. Ryder and Waver both flicked on their vision and saw a cat-girl standing behind the Bull. Ryder fawned as Waver asked her questions in Sperethiel. They determined she was Istasha, an Elder God. She didn’t know where she was or what the Matrix was, but she knew the names of the Chosen Ones. She gathered them up and scratched each of their chests, and the group was in a white void. She asked if that was everyone, and Waver told her about Peter and Watcher. She blinked away and returned with the others. Watcher was noticeably angry, but the Bull cut him off by asking Istasha what she planned to do with them. She responded that she didn’t know, but that they were chosen for a reason. It seemed better for them to be out of the way while the Great Old Ones were around. Cole swung his sword at the Elder God, but she caught it between two fingers. She smiled, and the OZ shattered in the minotaur’s hand.



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