Run or Serve

Escape from Tir Tairngire


The Bull woke in a white room. Ryder, Peter, Waver, and Watcher were all unconscious around him, and each slowly woke as he searched for a way out. Waver projected himself outside to try and find the group’s stolen gear. He killed two enemy mages on the way, and discovered both the location of the gear and the keycode to unlock his cell. Appearing before the cell’s guards, he tried to convince them that the runners had escaped. The guard didn’t believe the story, and Waver killed him. The other guard, fearing for his life, unlocked the door. Running through the complex, Watcher used the dead guard’s pistol to kill the mages’ partners, and the group reclaimed their loot. They ran down to the lobby and killed the receptionist (who was blocking the exit) before escaping. Gunfire followed them, but they made it to their vehicles in time. They passed through the border crossing with ease, and the purple light restored Ryder’s sight.
Upon entering Seattle, the group received a message telling them to head to the Corporate Court immediately. During the drive, they decided to confirm the run with FastJack and receive their payment. They relayed the information they learned to him in the Matrix, and he seemed pleased. Then his form glitched out and became a monstrous humanoid. He revealed himself as the Crawling Chaos, and Waver remembered an old story he had read that used that name. The Crawling Chaos was a moniker for Nyarlathotep, one of the more powerful entities in the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. Nyarlathotep explained much and more about the Horrors, and alluded to a force even more powerful than them.
Arriving at the Corporate Court, the runners were let in without a wait. The Court looked the same, except a blue-skinned man sat in Saeder-Krupp’s chair. Ryder instead saw a dragon where the man sat, and Waver recognized him as a dracoform. He set the runners upon the Red Queen, bidding them to kill her and LeMont. He told them she was holed up with the powerful families of Tir na nOg, and changed her location often. The runners left quickly to follow out his commands.



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