Run or Serve

Cthulhu Rising


The Bull had a prophetic vision. In it, the runners saw a rift open up over the Atlantic Ocean. They traveled there with a submarine and explored an underwater city. Ryder led them to the center of the city, and they realized it was R’lyeh. Waver astrally perceived Saeletra within the cabin of the submarine, and she told the group that Cthulhu could sense within a one-mile radius of any mention of his name. The Bull woke up to see a news broadcast of the rift opening, and heard Saeletra within his mind. He told the Arcanum about his dream, but the vision was flawed. The broadcast continued recording, showing a massive shape rising from beneath the waves. Cthulhu broke the surface of the ocean, and destroyed the news crews recording him. The runners dithered, talking about what to do, and heard several explosions outside. Ready for battle and holding the bas-relief, they ran outside to see what happened. A small aspect of Cthulhu was stomping through the streets of Seattle. It grabbed the Bull with its tentacles and invoked some sort of spell. Ryder and Waver both got in a few good shots, and the Bull broke free, but Saeletra was banished. The aspect faded away, and Waver noticed that Hastur had left the bas-relief and been replaced by Nyarlathotep. Waver and Cole remembered the spell the aspect had used, and expelled the Elder God from the tablet. He was very, very worried. If Cthulhu walked the earth, a great event was nigh. The Bull heard a whisper from Saeletra, urging him to come to the Tomb of Horrors. Nyarlathotep warned the group that something important and dangerous was approaching. They would likely bond to a greater being. The runners entered the Tomb, and the door shut behind them. Nine more gods appeared and gave the runners a choice. Waver bonded with Saeletra. Peter bonded with the Deep Resonance. Watcher bonded with Gaia. Ryder tried to kill herself rather than choose, but eventually chose Istasha. The Bull chose Nyarlathotep, and Cthulhu entered the body of Acererak…



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