Run or Serve

Cthuhu Fallen

Season Finale

The god-emperor rose from his unholy sepulcher, and his body filled out to match the form of Cthulhu. He roared, and the Bull… well, Nyarlathotep… wet himself. The beast clawed at Waver, barely scratching him. Ryder responded by teleporting onto his head, stabbing her warp blades into his skull. Waver doused him in flame, and the Bull regained his composure and readied his machine gun. Cthulhu shook the assassin off of him, but she rolled to the ground harmlessly. Waver hit him with more fire, but he seemed to heal from the burns quickly. Cole perforated his head with ten bullets, and Ryder shot a crossbow bolt into each eye. The Bull inched closer, still firing, and the god-emperor walked toward Waver. More bullets to the head, more crossbow bolts to the eyes. The monster unsheathed his claws, and swung at the mage. Waver dodged the attack and flew up behind the thing, frying his wings off with two bolts of lightning. By now, Cthulhu’s head was leaking profusely, and he had to stay balanced to keep his skull from falling one way or another. He grabbed the Bull with his tentacles, and the minotaur tried to tear himself free. Waver burned the tentacles off, and the Bull fell to the ground heavily. Ryder cut at Cthulhu’s legs to give Waver enough time to get into position, and the mage let loose a massive thunderbolt. It split a few inches from Cthulhu’s face, hitting each crossbow bolt sticking out of his face. Electricity surged through the Elder God’s body, and his head exploded in a pulpy mess. He dropped to his knees, massive, and fell to the ground.
The group congratulated themselves on a job well done, and set off to meet this new world. The world knew that gods walked the Earth. They were forces of great power, of destruction and of peace. One of them was in the White House. They could solve problems, or they could hide. But they would never serve anyone else again.



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