Run or Serve

Bug City

The Ant Prophecy

The runners were called before the Corporate Court to be tasked with bringing a deed from Chicago back to Seattle. The deed was for Saeder-Krupp to legally inhabit an irradiated area near Tir Tairngire, and it was located within the Great Library. They were also given a time limit of 24 hours. Making short time to Bug City, the runners soon found themselves tailed by a small biker gang. It was led by Jerry Sandski, an academic who had lost his family. He offered to lead them to the library, but his path was blocked by a large Roach Spirit. He and Ryder together made short work of it, and his gang used explosives to detonate the body. It let out a death scream as Ryder shot it up, though, and the scuttling swarm could be heard rising behind the group.

Once they made it to the library, they found the doors were locked. With the swarm fast approaching, Jerry suggested running into the sewers to escape. Ant Spirits followed them down, and Waver attempted to slow them with a fireball. However, as he didn’t want to look at them, he thrust his hand backwards to attempt to hit them. He felt a burning sensation in a his hand, and flailed it around to try and stop it. Finally giving in and looking at his hand, he found a charred stump. He’d lost his right hand. Meanwhile, the Ant swarm was speaking to the running group, saying things like “Run, fools… run,” and “You can’t escape. You can’t escape your destiny. He will awake.”

At the end of the sewer was a door to the library basement, and the whole group made it through in time to shut the door on the swarm. Making their way upstairs, and dropping prodigious amounts of plastic explosive along the way, the runners found the great hall of the library. Searching in the ‘deed’ section of the library proved fruitful, and Waver and Ryder found the deed at the same time. What they failed to notice, however, was the Spider Spirit on the ceiling. It grabbed Peter by the head and pulled him upwards. Watcher heard his panicked shots and killed the Spirit before Peter got too close. The group heard the door splinter downstairs, heralding the arrival of the Ants, and decided to get out of there. Running through the hall and bursting through the entrance, the runners were happily surprised to see a Corporate Court helicopter waiting for them. Getting onboard, the relieved group flew high into the sky. Jerry blew the explosives he’d placed, in an attempt to kill the Bugs still within the library. Out of the wreckage, however, rose a massive Mantis Spirit.

Within seconds, the Mantis brought down the helicopter. Jerry and Ryder managed to get a few bursts of machine gun fire in, and Watcher hit the Bug with an enchanted sniper bullet that caused a Fireball spell to go off. The helicopter began a controlled descent as soon as it was clear it wouldn’t be able to make it, but the Mantis crushed it and pushed it to the ground. The Mantis used this break in the fight to heal itself. The mounted machine guns, and gunners, were crushed beneath the metal. Ryder escaped easily, but Jerry was stuck. Watcher pulled out his rocket launcher and hit the Mantis full on, causing it to sway before dying. Waver ran to the car and sprayed a stream of acid at the Spirit, ultimately killing it. Watcher pulled Jerry out of the helicopter and ran to the car, letting everyone get away before the Mantis fell. The impact caused a shockwave that shook the city, but the runners made it back to Seattle without too much more trouble. Meeting with the Corporate Court with two hours left, they were simultaneously praised and admonished for finding the deed, but failing to save the Court-ordered chopper. They were still paid handsomely, and Jerry was given a job at Saeder-Krupp.



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